Invisalign case gallery

Invisalign example 1
Crowded, worn and ‘old looking teeth’. Treatment time 15 months plus tooth whitening and composite bonding on worn surfaces.

Invisalign example 2
Worn teeth with a protruding front insisor. Treatment time was 7 months – this patient wanted a natural look without filling worn areas

Invisalign example 3
Crowded and fractured teeth. Treatment took 12 months plus tooth whitening and composite bonding.

Invisalign example 4
“I’ve always had bad teeth – now I’ve got the best teeth in my family!” Treatment time 10 months plus tooth whitening and minimal composite bonding for a natural look

Invisalign example 5
Aged 19yrs. Orthodontic relapse. Treatment time was 7 months

Invisalign example 6
Treatment time 9 months plus tooth whitening. Natural wear on the upper left central not restored

Invisalign example 7
Aged 49 yrs. Severely rotated lateral insisors. 14 months treatment time plus tooth whitening and replacement white fillings

Invisalign example 8
This patient was fracturing teeth because of grinding due to occlusal problems caused by the misplaced lower right canine. Treatment time was 13 months plus tooth whitening.